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GD ♥ Ri

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G-Dragon/Seungri Fan Community

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Welcome to GDheartRi, LiveJournal's first G-Ri community. We hope that you enjoy your stay here in LiveJournal and at this community! Free free to browse around. :)

What is G-Ri? G-Ri is a male slash pairing within the Korean hip-hop group, Big Bang, based on the relationship between Big Bang's leader, G-Dragon, and the maknae (youngest), Seungri. The name "G-Ri" comes from the combination of "G" from G-Dragon and "Ri" from Seungri. There are other combinations/name-smashes of the pairing.
For the purposes of this community, the most likely pairing name for it that you will see is "G-Ri".

Why G-Ri? Generally, these couples/pairings are created within fandoms based on the affectionate activity or behavior particular members show each other.

In this community, you can post any fanworks you have done for G-Ri (fan art, fan graphics, fan fictions, fanmixes, etc.), videos, interviews, and/or articles where you spot G-Ri. Picture sharing, GIFs, macros are all allowed. If you are unsure, you may message the mods.

Rules: Please read all the Rules before posting!

Respect: Be respectful of all members' opinions. No bashing, rude comments, bad manners, flaming, etc. to/regarding any members or pairings.

Stay on topic: Only G-Ri-related posts are allowed in the community. If it has nothing to do with G-ri, it doesn't belong here.

No spamming: unless it is related to G-Ri. For advertisement please contact moderators. Links below direct you to them.

LJ-cut: All images(bigger than 500x600), heavy posts and fanfics must be put behind the cut. Small teasers and fake-cuts are allowed.

Tagging: Please view the list of tags and tag your posts accordingly. This makes the community much easier to navigate.

Credit: All work, articles and images must be credited properly (location, usernames, website url) to the best of your knowledge.

Fanworks: Anything NC-17 and over must be friends-locked to the community.

Fanfiction: Outside the LJ-cut, please indicate title, author, length, rating, brief summary and/or teaser.

If you wish to help mod, please contact the mods through email or LJ messages. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Thank you for being interested!

Warning: This is a community for G-Ri. If you dislike G-Ri, or BigBang, please leave. Any trolling comments/posts will be deleted and the member(s) will be banned.

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